segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

California Girl

When I first started this blog I wrote something about California and its songs. I remember how amazed I was by the number of songs written for the Golden State.

This morning, waking up after my first - and maybe the only one- night of Halloween, with a huge Californian nostalgia, I decided  listen all the old classic songs about Cali, and the newest classics too.

Between Beach Boys, Eagles, Neil Young, Phanton Planet and Kate Perry, I could realize how the songs, right now, make so much more sense to me. Even the bad ones.

I'm leaving California in thirty days, and, more than changing the "t" for "d" in words like "thirty"; saying no "t" sound in words like "Sacramento", wearing fip-flops with pants or going to the beach and keeping the cardigans on, cheering for the SF Giants, making fun of the east coast people, enjoying jogging practice and other healthy habits, etc. I'll take from this place lots of memories, the best and the worst ones in all my life, but, besides that, a great feeling of making part of it.

Maybe not like the Kate Perry song, or even the Beach Boys one, maybe like Neil Youngs or another one that is gonna be written, what I wanna say is, one way or another, even with a poor comand of English and the whitest skin ever, I always gonna be  a California Girl.

Neil Young - California Sunset - ACL 25.9.1984.dkly`
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Débora/Alanis disse...

Just loved this post!!! This thing about the songs, whoa, I totally agree! Now the ones about New York make so much sense to me! Don't u feel like you're in a movie sometimes? (I mean, during the weekends, coz during the week the only movie we could be in would be Cinderella - except we don't sing while working, ahahahahhahaha!)

Hum, by the way, I am so looking forward to visiting California!!! Unfortunately I won't be able to go while you're still there!