sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

Return of the living dead

After a long time without writing a word, here I am once again...

Since I arrived here I was promising to myself a post written in English. I'm a traveler in USA, waiting for the day which my English will be improved as I want. This day probably will never arrive; so, I thought that I could forget my pride, and shame, and, finally, write some few words.

Five months have passed since I left Brazil, with me, many things have passed too. Diferent kinds of feelings and experience, some that I already told, some that I will tell and some that I'll never tell. The funniest thing is that, it take so long time for you to understand that what you are doing is significant.

At this moment I think I got the best part of my journey, the part when I'm concious about what I am doing here, what I'm still able to do and what I, unfortunately, can't do. I'de lie if I said that the "nostalgia" (there's no good word for saudade) doesn't hurt me anymore, but I'm happy in say that it didn't kill me either.

The first thought that I had when I decided come to USA was to improve my English skills, you, readers and courious people, are probably surprised that I couldn't accomplish this goal yet. The answer my friends is that I didn't have idea, but my first goal here wasn't improve my English skills, it was, actually, to improve myself. And that is what I'm doing now.

For those who are able to do it, please, correct my mistakes. For those that are not able to do it, please, use the google translate. For everyone, able or not, I can't swear this is exactly how it happened. But this is how it felt.

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Guilherme disse...

Improving you English is a reason good enough to make you want to move to the US, but not good enough to keep you there. I'm glad you finally realized (or have always known) that the goal was (has always been) to improve yourself. I'm also glad to say that you have, in every pain and pleasure, made yourself better. I can't promise this is what has really happened to you, but it's how I feel it.

PS: Forget about corrections, mistakes. Speak out your mind! Your soul can do no wrong.

Débora disse...

Meu vc escreve muito bem!! Parabéns! Eu preciso melhorar minha escrita... eu era meio insegura com o speaking, mas depois de ter ouvido muita gente falando que meu Inglês é muito bom perdi a vergonha e tenho certeza que nunca mais vou passar por uma saia justa no Brasil quando precisar usar meu Inglês. Eu tinha deletado meu blog pq sempre acho que minhas histórias são entediiantes, mas ai resolvi deixar no ar de vez e sei que pelo menos meu namorado lê meu blog, já é alguém! Bjinhossss

Jaque in Wonderland disse...

Hey Val!

Sou a Jaque, sua veterana, que morou com a Marina. Estou indo pra Flórida em Julho, ser aupair tb..add seu blog no meu ( q est´pa começando)

Your English is perfect!